This is actually made in Godot but its meant to parody every single Game Dev YouTuber's game. For some reason, many aspiring Game Dev YouTubers' dream game is the exact same genre.


W, A, S, D - Movement

Space Bar - Jump

R - Commit Die

Left-Click - Shoot the gun.

Goal: Get to the gun and shoot the enemy chasing you.

Levels: 4


Real Unity Parkour FPS (Windows) 18 MB


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this is gonne be the next among us

epic! not only did it find a way to crash my computer and make my CPU overheat, the webGL failed before i could stop my ears from bleeding!

Too bad you weren't able to get past the title screen. The astonishingly beautiful soundtrack, amazing gameplay and god-tier story is something no human on earth should ever miss. Consider downloading the executable for better performance. GLES3 and HTML5 do not mix.